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Island Confinement Nannies

Assisting You With Your Confinement Journey One Step at a Time
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Our Confinement Nannies

An Extra Pair Of Hands, An Experienced Help

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, the new normal has brought about unprecedented changes in our lives. Especially so for expectant mothers,  some of the biggest changes  and challenges that arise from taking everything virtual– daily pregnancy fatigue, having to quickly pivot to handle work from home through online meetings,  handling perhaps another toddler’s virtual curriculum at times, juggling household chores and whipping up more meals at home for loved ones. Once your little one is out, you might need more time than ever to rest, recover and bond with your little one instead of having to worry about the endless tasks. 


Hence, if you’re currently expecting and want to explore hiring a confinement nanny to prepare for your post-partum needs, here’s why you need Island Confinement to assist you in replenishing your rest while having your new-born well taken care of!  

24 Hours

rest & Recovery

As a new mom, besides hiring a full-time helper to assist with your main household needs in the day, you will definitely require plenty of support, care and help in the tender first month after delivery. In a nutshell, confinement nannies are here to assist, gently guide and take care of both mommy and baby in the first month after your baby is born.  


Expect lots of changes in your routine, expect to take some time to get used to your new routine as a new mom and allow yourself to rest and recharge in between as you bond with your little bundle of joy. Allow our experienced nannies who are equipped with important knowledge of cooking traditional, nutritious and nourishing food for the new mother, to take care of your meals for that body restoration. They are also well-equipped in the support needed in handling your child: for example  feeding new-born, changing your new-born’s diapers, bathing your new-born, washing, changing and sterilizing of bottles where needed, and updating daily logs for feeding periods. 


It is so rarely talked about - how hard recovery is in the first month after delivery- mentally, physically and emotionally. Ever wanted to just close your eyes and take a break for a good 15 minutes, but still struggle to stay awake as you worry about your new-born stirring from their nap any moment now? With the hiring of a confinement nanny, go ahead and rest up or tend to certain tasks as you have someone to personally take care of your precious new-born and give your new-born 100% attention! The convenience and flexibility to settle other priorities is priceless with the help of an extra pair of experienced hands always around and ready to assist you to take care of your newborn. Especially with these many changes going on, you never know what you would need that little bit of time for! 

BREASt feeding assistance

Our confinement nannies can assist you in new-born nursing guidance. Simply having an extra pair of hands to prepare the relevant equipment and providing simple lactation tips through our experience might go a long way in starting and easing into your breastfeeding journey (if preferred by the new mom).  



When your hired confinement nanny lives in your home during the confinement period, she can assist in simple tasks and chores that cater to mother and baby. To allow you a peace of mind, she can also take over the night duties, especially when you require that much-needed rest in-between baby feeds. 

Island Maids Confinement Nannies


Confinement Nannies | Maid Agency | Maid Training School

Island Maids is able to a simple, one-stop comprehensive suite of services to serve your family’s needs as we deploy both full time maids and confinement nannies. The high-quality service for both full time maid and confinement nanny services that we provide today comes from years of our customers continual feedback and support and we are ever grateful for that. Daily, we continue to provide, innovate, sustain and upgrade our line of full-time maid and confinement nanny services to serve the current needs of employers in Singapore. 

At Island Maids, we believe that hiring a full-time maid or a confinement nanny is not a generic nor a one-size-fits-all solution for all households. By stringent screening and hence better assessment of each individual’s strengths and capabilities, our team can then do a suitable recommendation that suit each family’s unique household needs. This is why when you use Island Maids’ confinement nanny services and full time maid services, you can be rest assured that you will receive the best service of a good and trusted experienced agency. 




Ang Mo Kio . Bedok . Jurong
Hougang . Yishun . Tiong Bahru

Island Maids has 6 offices island wide that are dedicated especially to serve our clients’ spanning across Singapore. We operate seven days a week in Singapore’s regions of Hougang, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, and Jurong. This helps us meet our clients’ needs to their maximum convenience, responding swiftly to any of their requirements efficiently and effectively. 



Voted By Consumers, A Recognition To Our Service Standards.

Voted by consumers, our agency as a whole has won numerous recognition in our service quality, fair business practices, and reliable services. We place a high emphasis in ensuring the end to end process of hiring a Confinement Nanny or Foreign Domestic Helper in Singapore is well taken care of. 

The service does not stop even as our Confinement Nannies begins work. Our consultants stand ready to help you should you require any further services or assistance.  

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